5 Pieces of Advice From Brides Around the World

We asked a bunch of brides around the world on what they should look out for on their wedding day. Here are 5 of them that we found very useful and interesting. (Some text was edited for clarity, and the names were changed for anonymity for brides who requested it.)

1) Get a Wedding Hair Trial

For those who don't know, a "hair trial" is a trial session which you arrange with your hairdresser, so that you can know beforehand what your hair will look like on your wedding day. It's a  rehearsal, for your coiffure.

"Don't forget that your wedding hair will make or break your entire look. My sister-in-law didn't bother to get a  hair trial, given that she told me that she looked through her hairdresser's portfolio, and was very clear about what she wanted. On her big day, it turned out that the hair she wanted wasn't necessarily very flattering. We liked it, and it turned ok, but she was really upset that it wasn't what she had in mind. So when I got married 7 months later, I made sure that I booked a trial appointment beforehand."

- Amanda, 35, Liverpool 

2) Always give a clear budget to your wedding organizer.

"I had a budget in mind, but I mistakenly provided a vague range to my wedding organizer (including the furthest and most unrealistic price I was willing to go), so that she could be more flexible if there was anything that was unavailable for the price I wanted. Turns out that this was the worst thing you could ever do. She kept picking expensive things that were way over my budget, given that those were within the range. When I clarified how much I was willing to pay for each item individually, that made things easier, and we had a more realistic view of how much we'd be spending on our wedding. So don't fall into the mistakes I've made, be very clear, there are always cheaper options that you can work around with, this is exactly why you hired a wedding organizer, and it is her job to optimize everything."

- Louise, 28, Sydney

3) Make sure you include your partner into your plans

"My now husband seemed very indifferent about what he wanted to have included during our wedding ceremony. A few weeks after I started planning and handling the details, he confessed that he felt left out a little bit, but he had no idea how he could include his likes and tastes into the whole thing, given that all the pictures are floral and girly. I did some research on pinterest, and it was surprisingly nice to see some masculine elements, such as beer bottle lighting, beard balm wedding favors, and mustache shaped decorations too. We put some lumberjack themed elements that fit my husband's personality; that was really fun."

- Juliette, 33, France

4) Don't go over budget on anything, you're only going to use it for a day

"I almost went overboard on flowers, because I fell in love with the floral ceiling in Sophia Vergara's wedding. The problem is, we are not jet setters, or millionaires for that matter, and flowers are expensive. I asked for quotations from multiple florists, only to change my mind for something slightly over budget, but not as dramatic of the ones I see in celebrity weddings. Although we were able to afford it, I do regret that extravagance, given that the flowers went to trash at the end of the night. If I were to throw a wedding, I would have spent less on the flowers, and the cake. I am quite glad that I went for a mid-range dress, and not a brand name (although in our traditions the Mother-in-Law has to buy your wedding gown regardless of its price). So girls, don't spend a crazy fortune, it will only last for a few hours."

- Martina, 32, Spain

5) Don't invite people you don't know that well to the reception

"I like my acquaintances, but I feel I invited certain people who weren't that close enough, just to be polite. Most of them showed up, and it was awkward. If they are acquaintances, they won't mind that much anyway."

-Charlotte, 42, Luxembourg

Irene Sun