Join the Movement, Shop Smart for Your Wedding

Research by numerous wedding surveys indicates that the modern bride is no longer confined to physical retail when it comes to purchasing wedding gowns, in fact an increasing number of brides are heading towards online shopping.

Millenials like me are extremely conscious shoppers. They care about a diverse number of issues such as ethical sourcing, sustainability, and inclusivity. Many brides have less body image issues compared to their predecessors, and like to see diversity in terms of wedding dresses.

And they are definitely right to make that choice. Wedding dresses are perceived as expensive; and the market implies that there is no other option; brides just have to deal with the fact that they are paying a fortune for wedding dresses. This idea of sacrificing a large sum of money, just for a dress is shifting dramatically. Brides are paying less for dresses that are of the same quality; because with the internet, they have access to more appealing options.


Companies like ours, really care about accessibility, we care about body diversity, as well as cultural diversity. That is exactly why provide options. Shorter or longer sleeves, more or less coverage, petite sizes as well as larger sizes.

The way brides perceive, shop for, and curate their weddings is changing. Join the movement, reclaim your body proportions, and let us help you.

Leis Atelier is an online bridal shop that provides made-to-measure wedding dresses that fit perfectly, all at an affordable price. We genuinely value diversity, that is why we have all sizes available, and cater to women from all walks of life. Regardless of whether a bride aims to cover up, or expose more, she should feel welcome at Leis Atelier.

Our state of the art pattern drafting system allows brides to send in their measurements, and have impeccable dresses that truly fit. To see our measuring guide, click here. To visit our online shop, click here.

Irene Sun