Here's Exactly How You Should Get Yourself Measured for a Wedding Dress

Many Leis Atelier Brides have initially believed that getting themselves measured was a daunting task. But you needn't be worried at all. Our easy to follow measurement form, as well as clear instructions will make the whole process a breeze. We have recapped what is enclosed in our instructions, so that you can understand how easy it is to get a perfect fitting wedding dress.


1) Get Someone to Help You

In order to get accurate measurements, you definitely need some help. Ask a local tailor, or a friend to measure you. Do not attempt to do this yourself, given that it is impossible to measure your own body given that there is movement involved.

2) Wear the Right Undergarments... And the Shoes Too.

Be sure that you purchase your bridal lingerie beforehand, and that your bra, spanx, or whatever you are wearing fits perfectly. This is essential for your measurements, given that a different bra might drastically alter the way the dress drapes down your bust. Made-to-measure wedding dresses also accurately create the skirts from scratch, so please make sure that you wear the high heeled shoes you're planning to wear on your wedding day as well.


3) Be Natural

We all want to shed a few pounds here and there, so you might instinctively pull your stomach in. This is definitely not recommended. Breath naturally, don't try to hold in air so your measurements appear smaller. This will not only result in a dress that is too small, it would be very unflattering. The magic, the beauty of made-to-measure dresses is that they fit so well that you will look slimmer anyway. Stand straight, have a natural posture, and enjoy the process.

For the detailed measurements, and how exactly each measurement is taken, please check out our instructions here.

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Irene Sun