This Amazing Video Will Show You Why the Wedding Industry is Overpricing Everything

We've all been through the same thing. Brides, (and grooms alike), feel that sometimes, the wedding industry is not being all that honest.

Couples find themselves paying up to triple to DJs, Catering, Musicians than it would normally cost, hadn't the service been tagged as a "wedding service".

Although there are many honest, hard working, and fair priced companies and individuals out there, we feel that it is time to democratize the wedding dress. Our prices over here at Leis Atelier, are mind boggling, but it shouldn't surprise you that much, we just choose to allow brides have an alternative, and be able to purchase online. Should a bride wish to purchase an expensive brand name gown, that is her choice, and we would be more than happy to see her content with what she purchases, we just love catering to brides with a budget, and women who want to buy a quality item that doesn't cost a fortune. Never forget that having the choice is a form of empowerment.

Check out the video below, to see why weddings cost so much.

So now you know why weddings are so expensive; we disclose our prices openly, that is an unconventional choice, but we absolutely love the positive reaction. We have set out to change the bridal industry, and make it a more diverse and welcoming place. 

Leis Atelier is an online bridal shop that provides made-to-measure wedding dresses that fit perfectly, all at an affordable price. We genuinely value diversity, that is why we have all sizes available, and cater to women from all walks of life. Regardless of whether a bride aims to cover up, or expose more, she should feel welcome at Leis Atelier. 

Our state of the art pattern drafting system allows brides to send in their measurements, and have impeccable dresses that truly fit. To see our measuring guide, click here. To visit our online shop, click here.

Irene Sun