The Science Behind Why Nobody Can Tell How Much Your Dress Cost

When we invest in something as important as a wedding, we want it to be impeccable. We want our guests to know we have good taste. There is a false assumption that the more expensive a wedding is, the better. Leis Atelier will do you a favor and explain the science behind price perception; that way perhaps some of our readers will save some money for their homes, or their honeymoon !

Most couples assume that the more money they spend on a wedding, the better will the final result be. But is that really true? Is it worth spending more money on your wedding because you truly think the results are better?

Research has shown that unless there are visible price tags on products, nobody can actually guess the price of a given good accurately. This research has been applied to wine, diamonds, or even items of clothing. Test subjects were asked to guess how much certain items were worth. Results show that humans are poor predictors of price; goods with similar or identical qualities may have drastically different price points.

 Our Leis Atelier Dresses are priced lower than those of our competitors; because we can afford to do so.

Our Leis Atelier Dresses are priced lower than those of our competitors; because we can afford to do so.

The reason why prices are very different is because pricing is based on a concept called "willingness to pay". Companies that sell expensive items cash on the illusion that "the more expensive it is, the higher the quality". A caterer, florist or musician might charge you the double of what they charge someone else; this is a common tactic; because they do not disclose their prices, they have the right to charge differently, and charge according to the client's income.

The same, obviously applies to wedding dresses. Many wedding dress brands have the same workshop manufacture them; however, each brand has its own niche, and pricing, according to their target demography. When the bride wears similar dresses from different brands, there is no way they can tell the price difference, should their tags be hidden. This is exactly why Leis Atelier has an excellent pricing. We cut out the middlemen, move all our facilities online, have the same fitting process that would happen in a bridal shop, be done at the comfort of your home, and send out impeccable dresses to your doorstep. Our aim is to democratize the wedding industry, and have all brides access the dresses they deserve.

Leis Atelier is an online bridal shop that provides made-to-measure wedding dresses that fit perfectly, all at an affordable price. We genuinely value diversity, that is why we have all sizes available, and cater to women from all walks of life. Regardless of whether a bride aims to cover up, or expose more, she should feel welcome at Leis Atelier.

Our state of the art pattern drafting system allows brides to send in their measurements, and have impeccable dresses that truly fit. To see our measuring guide, click here. To visit our online shop, click here.

Irene Sun