5 Reasons Why You should Become a Bridal Consultant

Leis Atelier’s Bridal Consultant Program allows interested individuals to live the lifestyle they’ve always wanted. Becoming a bridal consultant is a great way to make an income, regardless of whether you are employed or not. Our program allows the flexibility to expand your already existing business, or build a brand new venture with a viable income.

Unlike other businesses that have similar models, Leis Atelier Bridal Consultants are never asked to spend money, or invest in our products. We only want you to become representatives our brand, and make sales to brides on behalf of our brand.

Here are some of the advantages you will have should you decide to embark on this journey.

1) You Will Have the Freedom to Decide on Your Own Hours

Our Bridal Consultant Program is fairly flexible. You will not have sales quotas, or compulsory minimum work hours. The more sales you make, the more you earn money, and the volume of sales you make is completely up to you. We supply the dresses,

2) The Choice is Yours : Part-Time, Full-Time, or a Gig on the Side

Many bridal consultants choose to represent our brand all the while having a full-time job. Others do it part-time, whereas experienced consultants who make a viable living can run this business full time.

3) Risk Free Entrepreneurship We do not require bridal consultants to make any investments in running their own business. You will make money when making sales,

4) You Will Not be On Your Own in this Venture By becoming a bridal consultant, you will get to make a living helping brides achieve their dreams. Obviously, our bridal consultants are extremely self driven individuals, but they are never on their own. We will be featuring you on our website on a regular basis, as well as publish articles about you and your work (if that is what you desire) on our social media, boosting your visibility, and notably, sales.

5) Industry Knowledge and Training First and foremost, Leis Atelier ensures that all bridal consultants are well trained and extremely comfortable at marketing our products. They will know everything about our dresses inside and out. This is a great opportunity to try your hand at an entrepreneurial venture that will improve your marketing skills as well as deepen your knowledge about the wedding industry.

Leis Atelier manufactures high quality made-to-measure wedding gowns to brides across the world. To learn more about us, and our bridal consultant program, click here.

Irene Sun