What Does a Bridal Consultant Do Anyway?

Ever since we launched our Bridal Consultant program, we have had an overwhelming amount of response. We are excited about this new journey, and love the enthusiasm. There have been many people who asked about this opportunity, and we decided to give more details about our Bridal Consultants’ duties and responsibilities.

First and Foremost, If You Want to Maximize Profits, You Need to Have the Motivation The reason why we seek people who take incentive is because we do not have any restrictions; no set hours, or no minimum numbers you have to hit per month (or per year, or per decade for that matter). Our Bridal Consultant Program is highly flexible and allows many individuals to earn as much or as little as they are willing to. You will be taking up multiple roles in order to cater to brides, as well as maximize your income, so it does help to have people who are motivated about helping brides.

You Will Be in Constant Communication With Brides Bridal Consultants build their own reputation and customer base. If you are a local hairdresser, photographer, or anyone who is working in the bridal industry, this gives you a strong advantage. As our official representative, you will get to show brides our amazing dresses, present our high quality wedding gowns, and offer them discounts (if you want to). Bridal Consultants are paid a generous commission for each gown they sell to brides.

You Will Be Taking Their Measurements Our wedding dresses fit our brides like a glove. Many brides are hesitant about purchasing online, as our bridal consultant, you will work as an intermediary who bridges that gap between the online and the digital world. Given that our dresses are made-to-measure, some brides fear that they might make mistakes in their measurements. As a consultant you will be trained on how to take their measurements and fill out their measurement forms on their behalf to ensure a perfect fit. Of course, brides who choose to take their own measurements have the right to do so.

You Will Be Taking Brides’ Orders You will be provided all the necessary materials in order to take orders. Our order and measuring forms will be included into our bridal consultant pack, alongside our bridal consultant guidebook. You will purchase brides’ dresses on their behalf, and ship it to them, of course you will earn your well deserved commission.

If becoming a bridal consultant is something that interests you, please click here.

Irene Sun