FAQ : Everything You Want to Know About Becoming a Bridal Consultant

Leis Atelier is looking for talented bridal consultants who can work on their own terms. You get to choose your own hours, and the amount you want to make with Leis Atelier. We have decided to make a small roundup of some of the questions we encounter often.

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So What Does A Bridal Consultant Do?

Leis Atelier Bridal Consultants use multiple marketing methods, such as social media, word-of-mouth to reach out to brides, and increase sales. You will become our brand ambassadors and introduce our dresses to individuals who are planning to purchase a wedding dress. You will guide them and help them choose a dress from our website, and will be paid a generous commission per dress.

In most cases, bridal consultants will help brides get their measurements prepared for their Leis Atelier made-to-measure wedding dresses.

Taking Measurements Sounds Scary, How Do I Learn How to Do It Correctly?

Don't worry, our measurement methods are pretty much foolproof, and once you get the hang of it after a short training session as well as guidelines, there is no reason why you should get brides' measurements wrong. Brides will be in good hands, and the dresses will fit perfectly.

Will I Have to Do Everything on My Own?

Absolutely not! We will feature you on our website, as well as social media in order to promote you. We only allow authorized bridal consultants to market our dresses, and we provide extensive materials and tools so that you can have the right equipment and guidance to become a bridal consultant.

What Does Leis Atelier Provide in Terms of Materials?

Leis Atelier provides

-A detailed guidebook with everything you need to know about becoming a bridal consultant -Your Consultant ID badge -Discount Coupons (that you can provide to the brides) -Order Forms -Measuring Forms -Measuring Guidelines -Online codes that allow you to collect your commission.

Do You Provide Training?

Yes, we definitely provide training to our bridal consultants. After our remote training, you will feel confident and highly proficient in marketing and selling our wedding dresses.

I Don't Need to Pay Anything to Become a Bridal Consultant. Why?

Leis Atelier views bridal consultants as partners. Unlike network marketing, we don't ask you to buy dresses, or bulk up inventory beforehand. You get to make a considerable sum off each dress that is sold, so whether you do this on the side, or run this as a full time operation is completely up to you.

These were some of the questions that were asked frequently. To learn more, and get in touch with us, click here.

Irene Sun