What Does "Made-to-Measure" Mean?

Leis Atelier is proud to provide high quality, made-to-measure wedding gowns. We have received multiple inquiries about what that actually means. Here's a small breakdown of our wedding dress making process.

Made-to-measure wedding gowns refer to dresses sewn for your measurements; they are based on a standard pattern. The fit of a made-to-measure wedding dress is far superior than a ready-to-wear wedding dress, because ready-to-wear wedding dresses are constructed to fit the manufacturer's definition of an average body type. Made-to-measure wedding dresses are constructed to fit each customer individually.

Some customers have asked whether "made-to-measure" means "custom-made". The two might sound similar, however they are rather different. The difference between a "custom-made" wedding dress, and a made-to-measure wedding dress is that custom-made wedding dresses are made entirely from scratch, according to the bride's specifications. Custom-made wedding gowns are the most expensive wedding gowns you can purchase in the market; we do not offer them given that we care about quality, the right fit, all the while making sure that we are accessible to all brides of all budgets.

A made-to-measure wedding gown will fit much better than a ready-to-wear wedding gown, given that it is specifically made for your measurements; however they will be much cheaper than a bespoke (custom-made) one.

We hope this answers our lovely brides' questions; make sure you browse our wonderful collection for amazing bridal gowns that will fit you perfectly. Click here to see our collection.

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